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 Post subject: TERMINATRYX - 'Shadow' (Album, June 2014)
PostPosted: Thu Jul 17, 2014 12:42 pm 
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TEMINATRYX - 'Shadow' (Album, June 2014)

TERMINATRYX are a four piece female fronted Industrial/Alternative Metal band hailing from Cape Town in South Africa. The band were formed in 2002 and have just released their much anticipated new album 'Shadow' in June, 2014.

Terminatryx are ....

Sonja - vocals, backing vocals

Paul - bass, guitar, keyboards, programming, backing vocals, production

Ronnie - drums

Patrick - guitar


Lets see what Terminatryx have to offer the female fronted Metal genre with this track by track review of their new album ...

1.METROPOLIS - Heavy industrial effects with a futuristic edge hit you from the off as riffing guitars grind away at your being as the whole thing starts to weigh heavy on your brain. Dark, smoky shadows cast by gloomy, industrial factories with tall smoking chimneys start looming up all around you. Manic Gothic styled keys are also thrown into the mix as the whole thing closes with a wailing siren.

2. HOLY - The factories are open once again as heavy chugging guitar riffs and dark menacing semi growls come in. Sonja enters the fray with some menacing futuristic sounding vocals that are backed by ghostly, whispered deep male growls, and we are off on a nightmare industrial journey. Black shadows are cast around you as flames begin to flicker and bleeps and sonic effects begin to tear your mind apart. Sonja's vocals lead you astray as the heavy male backing vocals start tearing chunks from your body. You are a slave to the music, the assault on you is relentless as it leaves you battered and torn. A very overwhelming number and definitely nothing holy about it.

3. SCARS - The sound of very heavy rain and a storm thundering away overhead as Gothic style keys come in along with quiet guitar riffs and ghostly male vocals. The volume is pumped up and Sonja comes into play with some very oppressive, commanding vocals that stamp their authority on you as the heaviness of the track begins to devour your very being, with the guitar riffs and the keys supplying a steady tempo. There is a futuristic aura in the mix and some nice melodic tints to parts of the number, although at times it is more Gothic in style as it rocks along with space age bleeps and sonic sounds, all intertwined nicely. The storm continues to rumble away overhead as you walk the deserted, gloomy streets with the rain soaking you to the skin, and everything looks bleak. Great stUff.

4. MASJIEN - Opening with a very heavy bass before futuristic sounding keys and the drums kick in, all the vocals are very ghostly and slightly robotic in style which slice their way into your mind. We are now well into the future in some metropolis full of machines and bleak ghettos, everything twists and turns around in your mind as the ghostly vocals begin to burst your brain cells as the track turns very manic and scary, before ending abruptly. A mental piece of work.

5. SHADOW - A slow, dark drum beat captures you straight away as Sonja comes in with some creepy vocals that are enchanting yet mysterious at the same time. Heavy chugging guitars enter the track with some nasty male backing vocals and the shadows begin to creep up on you as the guitars, deep bass lines and heavy hypnotic drums begin to dissect your brain and begin to drag you down. Sonja wraps you firmly in her ghostly, sticky web with her vocals and there is no escape from this morbid sounding affair, the bass grinds your bones to dust and the guitars shred your nerves before we reach a sharp ending.

6. GONE - Opening with a spacey synthesizer/keys before heavy guitar riffs come in and everything is awash with a cosmic, spaced out futuristic feel. The female vocals come in with more of a spoken style, which are creepy, as the sonic sounds continue to buzz around your mind as you try to decipher what the hell is going on. The whole number is gloomy and has a feel of desperation and loneliness in a very busy futuristic world with some ancient touches. A very strange number with a great mix of styles to unravel, if you can ??

7.PURIFIRE - Straight away we are tearing off at 100 mph with thundering guitars/drums and Sonja's vocals are full of angst, aggression and nastiness. This track has a very hard Punk/Metal crossover style to it that storms along and dissects you with great pleasure and will definitely get you headbanging along in appreciation. Maniacal stuff, as you get carried away on this tidal wave of nastiness, 'I AM THE PURIFIRE, I WILL MAKE YOU BURN', yep asthey certainly put a lighted torch to you, as the number sizzles and crackles right to the end.

8. NOTHING - Buzzing guitar licks saw into your bones straight away as the bass stomps around on your brain as Sonja comes in with her haunting creepy vocals that make your hair stand on end and sends goosebumps all over your body. There is a Gothic/Punk feel here which is quite intriguing as the whole number sounds epic in places. The track leaves you feeling empty inside, everything seems black and dark and you just have the music running through your mind as you sit there alone in an empty void. The track ends with ghostly sounding keys that leave your hanging in suspension.

9. OUTCAST - Opening with what sounds like bagpipes as we are cast back into that industrial, futuristic city, as the chugging guitars and haunting, wailing female vocals come in and you are ensnared once again. The riffing guitars storm along with a speedy tempo, joined by the Gothic styled keys as the whole number takes on a more urgent feel. Symphonic touches and mad screeching strings are thrown into the melee and everything becomes hypnotic at times as you are taken along on this instrumental journey that rocks along steadily to the finishing line. A great variety of styles and feeling here, all intertwining nicely with the powerful driving beat.

10. MEDUSA - Strange programming effects and bleeps welcome you as the heavy chugging guitars come in and Sonja joins in the fun with her powerful commanding vocals that creep into you. Dark shadows come back into play as you are taken prisoner once more in this gloomy black world. Futuristic and sonic bleeps in the background nibble away at you, accompanied by some mad voices in the mix. Sonja keeps hold of you with her vocals and has you locked in her chains as she torments your soul, the guitar solos slice and splice into your brain midway through the number and the tempo of the riffing guitars are hypnotic and do not let you go. This is very nasty stuff, full of horror, 'SHE WILL TURN YOU INTO STONE'!!! Oh yeah, another very mad, mental number that overpowers you with its industrial terror.

11. SHADOW. (Industriezone Remix) - We are into a more Industrial dance style here with weird programming. There is more of a space age, sonic effect with echoing futuristic vocals from Sonja as well as a lot of electronic sounding bleeps, noises and robotic sounds as the whole thing gels together. Laser lights flash around in the darkness and a tribal sounding beat keeps thumping away as everything dissects and splits your atoms, sending them into different areas in space, before finally sizzling out at the end. A very futuristic, electronic, industrial number.

A very dark and heavy album with lots to discover which takes you on a thrilling ride all the way through, not for the faint hearted. Do not miss out on this album if you are a fan of the genre, or even if you are not, it deserves a place in your collection!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED .... 9.5/10

femmepower @ Black Phoenix Rising

For more info on Terminatryx visit their official website @ or their facebook page @

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