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 Post subject: EQUISA - 'Strange Release' Album, 2014
PostPosted: Wed Feb 18, 2015 2:11 pm 
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EQUISA - 'Strange Release' (Independently Released Album, October 2014)

EQUISA are a 4 piece female fronted metal band from Roosendaal, Netherlands.

EQUISA are ...



Let us have a track by track review of this album by EQUISA.

1. FACES - Futuristic, spacey effects for the introduction then the guitars slowly sizzle into life as the track begins to slowly burn as the female vocals come in. A very good beat is set by Raymond's drumming, a nice steady tempo which is melodic with Prog tints, great powerful rhythms and backing vocals. A good mixture of Metal styles on offer here that go back and forth with strong female vocals. A good track to open the album.

2. LOOP - A more mellow opening with keys and guitars setting out an absorbing melody. Much lighter in style with an enticing sound as Petra comes in with some lovely vocals that seep into you. The tune is hypnotic with a slight spacey feel that stays in your mind. You get taken up on a high with some great guitar work from Sebas. A very soothing number with a subtle gentleness as everything gels together with a warm glow. A super track, full of brightness and the feel good factor.

3. HEADRUSH - Hard driving, deep guitar riffs, thundering drums and swirling keys set the pace for this rocking Metal number. Petra comes in with some strong, yet melodic vocals. There are slight tints of an Industrial feel in the mix as the track rolls along with a good driving tempo. The chorus is powerful and the guitar work is pleasantly heavy and strong. Some harsh male vocals are added to the mix, giving the track another extra hard edge. The number rolls along with a great mix of powerful vocals, hard driving riffs and melodic flourishes.

4. STRANGE RELEASE - Super, lovely keyboard work leads us into the number along side a gentle drum beat. Petra comes in with some soft and appealing vocals that embrace you straight away. The keys really add a nice flavour to the number, giving out a slight spacey feel that takes you into another place as they gentle swirl around in your head along side the enticing vocals from Petra. The drums provide a nice slow beat, soft backing guitar work gradually comes to the fore as the track ignites more as Petra's vocals scale to another level, accompanied by some great backing vocals. The track climbs the stairs slowly with subtle power, taking you to the end before fading out softly. Great stuff.

5. GOODBYE - Another gentle beginning with soft arrangements, piano and angelic vocals from Petra. Everything is evenly slowed down and gently ebbs along and trickles like a silky stream, you feel like you are floating on air as you go along with this gentle, rippling atmospheric number. Superb guitar work from Sebas (reminds me a bit like something from a Pink Floyd album). The piano playing is strong adding an excellent element to the number. Petra, once again, shines with her great vocals on this gentle, yet powerful number.

6. PANIC - String style arrangements for the intro, before the guitars make an entrance. That spacey feel is evident again in the background. A super melodic Metal style number that oozes a delightful feeling with a heavy undertone. Petra delivers the song with a strong tone to her vocals. The various stirring guitar work is again stunning and at times you can almost feel a Latin flavour that provides a delightful texture. Another great song that hits the right spots and fades out with Petra's vocals.

7. CAPITAL - Deep strumming guitar with a dark foreboding feel then heavy bass licks come in and the whole early introduction has a Gothic aura to it. The track creeps along and seeps into you with Petra's vocals taking on a more darker, deeper tone, accompanied in places by some male vocals. A well put together haunting number that is deep and on the cold side. Slow, heavy guitar riffs, haunting strumming guitar work and slow drum beat all add to the mysterious feel of this alluring number that chops and changes and has a powerful chorus. Once again, there is some great soaring solo guitar work from Sebas as the number builds slowly with its heaviness and doom laden feel.


8. AIR - We open with the sonic spacey effects and sounds again within the arrangements. Chugging guitars come in as Petra makes an entrance with some lovely soothing vocals, her voice has a real quality that is alluring and enchanting, as it can be so gentle yet powerful at the right moments. Good arrangements on this slow burning number and the keys, once again, adding a great element to the mixture. This is a superb and pleasing number that wafts over you in places, like a gentle breeze.

9. SUMMERS - A sublime soft beginning with Petra's beguiling vocals and gentle arrangements. Chugging guitar riffs make an entrance and sizzle into life as the track bursts into melodic joy and glows. The track goes back and forth from super softness to a strong build up of power, going into wonderful chorus sections. The title of the track lives up to its name with its summery feel and full of colourful light textures with its over all sound and quality that will bring a smile to your face. Petra really shines with her wondrous vocals that just take you to another place. A great number with super construction.

10. FOR ALL THE OTHERS - Swirling keys with a tint of a melodic Gothic flavour open the track followed by guitar riffs and a steady drum beat. The track settles into a mid paced tempo as Petra adds her super vocals to the number which at times soar with her strong voice. Backing male voices add another flair to the chorus. The keys are more prominent here and add a great sound to this absorbing number that holds your attention. Great arrangements that are breezy and airy for you to enjoy before fading out, bringing the show to an end.

Well, what we have here with "Strange Release" is an absorbing, atmospheric and melodic album. Nothing heavy, just pure delightful songs full of ambiance and a feelgood factor. Well constructed tracks , classy musicianship that stands out. I really like Petra's vocals on this album, she has a lovely tone to her voice that is alluring and holds your attention. The solo guitar work in places is superb and makes an impact on you. Everything gels together throughout the album. EQUISA have their own style and brand of melodic metal and in my personal view should be a must for any fans collection. Recommended .... 9.75/10

femmepower @ Black Phoenix Rising

For more information on EQUISA visit the following websites.

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