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 Post subject: BPR interview with EQUISA
PostPosted: Thu Mar 05, 2015 1:12 pm 
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femmepower@BPR. For the next of our BPR interviews I had the pleasure of asking questions to EQUISA, a female fronted 4 piece metal/rock band from Roosendaal, Netherlands, in which the band talked about their beginnings, influences, concerts and much more.


For the members and fans of BPR who are unfamiliar with EQUISA could you please introduce yourselves and what part you play in the band.

PETRA: I'm Petra Honing, the singer in the band.

SEBAS: My name is Sebas Honing, I'm the guitarist and backing vocalist in the band.

JOOST: I'm Joost Maglev, the bass player.

How did you all meet and come together as a band.

SEBAS: It started out as a studio 3-person project with Petra and George van Olffen (our previous keyboard player). After some changes we ended up as a four piece band with Joost Maglev (bass) and Raymond Otterspeer (drums)

How did you decide on the bands name, and is there any particular story behind the name.

PETRA: I used to have a beautiful, photogenic horse. Very suitable for artwork. Her name was Pernille, which we didn't find a suitable name for a band. To keep it kind of horse-ish, we came up with the name EQUISA. Unfortunately the horse passed away before we had the artwork-pictures we wanted.

Have any band members been in any previous bands.

SEBAS: Petra, Joost and I played in Galanor before from 2008 to 2009. After Galanor Petra and I formed SNOW. Petra and George made music since 2004. Raymond Otterspeer (drums) played bass guitar for Visceras eyes at the time he joined EQIUSA. Before that he was the drummer and songwriter for Panicchain and Def-Act.


How best would you describe the bands sound.

SEBAS: We sport a contrast between heavy riffs, mellow landscapes and precious melodies, all packed in compact +5 minute songs.

What bands/artists, would you say have influenced the bands style.

SEBAS: Definitely Devin Townsend, The Gathering, Steve Vai, Yes and Linkin Park.

If you could play at any of the major festivals, which one would you choose, and why

PETRA: I would like to bring Dynamo Open Air back in the old style and play the main stage there. There has never been anything like DOA in the nineties.

SEBAS: To be honest I don't really follow or go to festivals myself. Pinkpop or Rock Am Ring might be cool as it's massive and close to home.

JOOST: I've been to the High Voltage Festival in London some years ago, I think our sound would match the programming of that on very well, alas the festival isn't held anymore.

What has been your most memorable gig so far.

SEBAS: For me it's opening for REVAMP and MY PROPANE in Bergen op Zoom NL back in September 2013. Great stage, great audience and great bands to share the stage with.

PETRA: I agree.

JOOST: Hear, Hear.

Do you have a favourite venue that you have played in.

PETRA: I really enjoyed playing an acoustic set in a small theatre nearby. Really different from what we usually do and I even got to play some guitar :)

SEBAS: I would have to say Gebouw-T in Bergen op Zoom.

JOOST: Gebouw-T is great indeed. Sebas, Petra and I also played P3 in Purmerend long ago, I particularly liked that one as well.

If you undertook a major tour, what countries would you like to play in, that you have not done so already.

PETRA: I really like staying at home and not travelling. The Dutch word is "Huismus"

SEBAS:For now I would like to play in Germany, Scandinavia, Ireland and the UK.

JOOST: Personally I love to tour Japan again one day. We managed to do it with Galanor in 2009. I don't think it will happen with EQUISA, though. Germany and Scandinavia would suit our style the best I suppose.

Do you have a favourite song that you like playing live.

SEBAS: On our last show we played a new song we now call "I Fear You". It's a ballad-type song with a very weird arrangement and against all odds it worked extremely well.

PETRA: "I Fear You" is my all time favourite song! I usually write the lyrics and in this song they turned out exactly how I intended.

JOOST: That one's gonna be one of the really special songs during gigs to come, really. I think everyone loved how that turned out.

If you done a cover version, what song would you most like to play.

SEBAS: We already did Adele's "Turning Tables" and "Locked out of Heaven" by Bruno Mars. I would like to do "Human" by Christina Perri or "Chandelier" by Sia as I like to pimp pop songs.

PETRA: I'd go for "Chandelier" or "Let it Go" from Frozen of course.

JOOST: Hear Hear, "Chandelier".

As fans what has been the best concert you have attended.

SEBAS: My favourite concert ever was probably Peter Gabriel during the Scratch my Back tourr.

PETRA: Sebas and I went to that concert together and I have to agree.

JOOST: I haven't been to that one, so I'm gonna name something else. In 2006 I've seen some concerts of a series by French singer Mylene Farmer, which was in only one venue. Because the stage never had to be moved, they built an amazing stage and I loved the whole experience. Even Michael Jackson was there at the time, in the audience, probably looking if he could use stuff for his tour that never happened.


What was the first Metal/Rock album you bought and why.

PETRA: "The Miracle" by Queen. Why: Because Queen is still the best band ever :)

SEBAS: That will probably be "A Night at the Opera" by Queen after my dad gave me the Queen-virus by showing me a mid-80's documentary.

JOOST: Mine was probably "Kick" by INXS, if that counts. It's a good album, unfortunately I lost or sold it years ago.

What other genres of music do you like, and any particular bands/artists.

PETRA: I'm a classical trained singer BACH is an all time hero. I like a lot of different styles of music. And when I turn on the radio, I put on 80's music.

SEBAS: I like some atmospheric singer/songwriters like the softer DEVIN TOWNSEND stuff or BON IVER. 80's classics like TEARS FOR FEARS are also favoured.

JOOST: I like lots of Japanese pops, rock and even progressive rock, still do. Nowadays I also listen to a lot of ZAPPA. Not much of that ends up EQUISA though :lol:

How important is the fans and media reaction to you as a band regarding support and feedback.

PETRA: I make music because I feel like it. Not to be famous, not even necessarily to be heard by anyone. I still find it amazing when people like the music I write and/or sing.

SEBAS: That's kind of a trick question. We make music for ourselves, not specifically for the fans. By doing so we gain a fan base that likes the music we like to do ourselves. Current fan - reactions have been great and rewarding up to this point so it looks like our formula works.

Away from the music scene, how do you relax, do you have any hobbies or favourite pastimes etc.

PETRA: My daughter and I have horses :) Fun and lots of time and walks outside guaranteed. And of course I spend a lot of time cuddling my almost 4 months old baby. :D

SEBAS: Besides making solo albums I build guitars and like to drool over windmills.

JOOST: I work on a solo album, but that's still music scene so sorry about that. I like watching Dr Who lately.

What are the bands plans for the rest of 2015.

SEBAS: We are currently working on our next album.

Finally, do you have any words for the members and fans of the BPR Forum.

PETRA: I hope you like listening to our music as much as we like and liked making it.

SEBAS: Please check out our debut album "Strange Release" by checking the Youtube for "Faces", "Panic", "For all the Others" and "Goodbye". Thank you for your attention.

JOOST: See you on the road in 2015.

The BPR forum and its members and fans thank you for taking the time to answer our questions, it is very much appreciated \m/


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